Going Green?

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Present society is on a “go green” kick, from recycling, to using less energy, to buying more fuel-efficient cars. Companies are even beginning to display their support for saving the environment by packaging their products in containers from recycled materials. With all the “go green” hype there is one crucial area that has been overlooked: the BODY! It is public knowledge that eating healthy and exercising is important. Organic food options and more natural alternatives have come about, yet society has not “gone green” in medicine.

As Dr. Janet Smith points out, “We live in a culture that is beginning to realize it’s bad to put chemicals in the air and in the water supply and in food. But women are putting chemicals in their bodies day after day, month after month, year after year, to stop something that is perfectly healthy” (Smith, Janet E., and Christopher Kaczor. Life Issues, Medical Choices. Cincinnati: St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2007). My decision to stop prescribing contraceptives stemmed from my desire to deliver true healthcare to my patients. I seek to find the root of the problem at hand and to treat it accordingly. My methods work to assist the female body, never to replace or manipulate it.

Medicine is taking new turns, and to deliver the best obstetrics and gynecological health it is important to go natural with the body.